Offer life insurance on your platform, and on your terms

If you’ve got customers who may need life insurance (you do!), then you might like to learn more about fast, convenient ways to offer it to them. And wouldn’t you know it - we have several.

API Integration

There are a variety of ways to partner with us that best match the needs of your company and your customers, but only the Bestow Protect API lets you offer life insurance on your platform and on your terms. We make integration simple and completely seamless. It’s your product environment, your consumer experience.

Add instant value for your customers with a done-in-minutes life insurance product with instant underwriting. Leverage our technology to offer a compliant life insurance application that’s built to suit your brand’s look, feel, and needs.

Your customers get an affordable, convenient measure of financial protection. You expand your offering, and value, to existing and potential customers. We get to help more people protect their people.

Everyone comes out on top with Bestow’s Protect API. It’s a win-win-win.

Consider Bestow

Industry-leading tech

You can leverage our technology, which is modernizing insurance, making it faster, easier, and more accessible to more people.

Trusted & respected

We work with some of the biggest, most reliable names in insurance, like Munich Re™ and North American Company for Life & Health Insurance™.

Customers love us

Who doesn’t love a good report card? We’ve got a 4.7/5 on Trustpilot and a Net Promoter Score of 81.


The only 100% digital life insurance platform


Highly scalable integration tools for businesses of all sizes

In-app Tiles

Versatile, effective, and easy to implement

Splash Pages

Custom landing pages built to suit your brand

Email Marketing

Leverage proven creative that moves the needle.


“Life insurance can be a vital way to invest in the future. Bestow helps us provide access to inclusive and affordable options for our customers, so they can better protect themselves and their loved ones”

– Brandon Kreig

CEO and Co-Founder of Stash

Stash is a paid partner of Bestow

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