10 Times You May Have Accidentally Wasted Five Minutes

The road to productivity is paved with good intentions and a few too many off-ramps. We’re proud our 5-minute application process, because we know your time is valuable. 


  1. Started changing your sheets, but then just laid down and accidentally took a nap on your mattress.


2. Looked up “do you boil the water before you put the egg in,” and then watched an entire video library of time-lapse cooking videos.

3. Discovered what your friend’s sister’s boyfriend and his dog were up to last year on vacation while taking an Instagram deep-dive.


4. Decided to try to flip the pancakes. When it works, it’s great. But, when it doesn’t? It’s amazing all the places that the batter can go. 

5. Wanted to wear your red socks, and had to dump every sock on the floor to find ‘em both.  

6. Do that thing where you want to clean out your junk drawer, but then realize it’s all in there for a reason, so you just shove it all back into the drawer in a different order.


7. Clicking on the “Related Articles” link that claimed you would NEVER guess what happened next to that woman’s old dog and new cat. 

8. Ordered delivery because you were too busy to cook, but then had to talk to the guy three times before he finally found the entrance to your apartment building. 


9. Attempt to teach your dog how to learn a new trick thanks to an online tutorial, but wind up just giving him a few free treats while he stares at you, confused.


10. Downloaded a new budgeting app that doesn’t let you sync all of your accounts, get frustrated, delete the app, and order takeout with money from your emergency fund.

With Bestow, five minutes could help you protect your family’s finances for the long term. We’d call that time well spent.  

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