11 New Ways to Celebrate The Good Stuff During Quarantine

If being quarantined has left you uninspired for how to celebrate the special occasions or the people in your life, it’s time to get creative. These are unprecedented times, indeed. So celebrating a quarantine birthday, anniversary, new baby, old friendship, or any milestone in-between requires a new approach. We have some new ideas to keep things festive for your friends, family, colleagues, and long-distance faves. Here’s to locking it down during lockdown. 

1. Tailgate at a Distance 

Get out of the house for a little bit and meet up with your friends in an open parking lot that can safely accommodate a group tailgate. Create playlists made for blasting out of car speakers, encourage everyone to bring food & drinks to make a meal of it, and give the now-rare gift of socializing (at a safe distance). 

2. Take-Out Time

With so many restaurants now offering take-out, there’s never been a better time to finally treat someone to a new indulgence or a favorite go-to to-go. If there’s a place you’ve never been able to nab a birthday reservation at, or a place that you’ve always talked about grabbing lunch from with a coworker, or a place that made you and your crew an official brunch gang, make lemonade out of the take-out lemons. And whether you’re picking it up yourself or getting it delivered, make sure you show some love and tip extra. 

3. Virtual Game Night 

It could be as simple as a game of video charades, it could be an interactive party game on an app, or it could be a more advanced streaming option through a gaming console; there are endless choices for hosting a video game night for the competitive people in your life. And if the party goes well, go ahead and make it a weekly occurrence. Also, make sure you don’t have anything else streaming when it’s game time so that your Wi-Fi is ready to go. 

4. Surprise Birthday Chorus 

If someone special has a quarantine birthday coming up, organize a surprise round of “Happy Birthday” (or an elaborate version of the guest of honor’s favorite song). Get their parents, their friends, and even their online pals gathered up. Then, send your friend a video-chat invite (or call them with everyone else already conferenced in) and surprise them with a massive chorus from all of their fave people.

5. Flash Decoration

Plant signs, balloons, and lawn ornaments in your friend’s yard during the night. Actually, don’t stop there! Set up a slip-n-slide, 100 flamingos, tacky oversized Christmas decorations from your attic, or a giant cardboard boat; this is statement-making time. When they wake up, a festive wonderland will greet them (and their neighbors)! 

6. Self Care Basket 

If you know someone who needs a little break, assemble a self-care bundle that balances essentials with some indulgences. Shop local if you can and create something truly unique. You could get clay masks, bath bombs, tea bags, pedicure and/or manicure tools, hair masks, beard trimming accessories, or anything else that feels thoughtful and practical. Then ding-dong ditch it at their front door!

7. Digital Group Hug

Create a personalized hashtag that everyone can use & search, put out the DM call for photo and story sharing, and give the gift of all-day-long digital shout-outs. This could be great for sharing photos of someone’s birthday, of someone’s wedding anniversary, or of someone’s work-iversary. 

8. Driveway Drive-In  

Fashion a night at the drive-in at your own house with a projector, a sheet, and a garage door (or wall). Bonus: live in a cul-de-sac? Invite the neighbors over. Just don’t share popcorn. 

9. Themed Dress-Up

Give the much-popularized video happy hours and drive-by parades an exciting refresh. If your birthday friend leans a bit more theatrical than most, indulge them with a themed video chat or passing caravan. The theme could be related to the year they were born, their favorite movie, their favorite time period, or anything that feels new and meaningful. Everyone can be in character with costumes, accents, video backgrounds, and posters. 

10. Mail Call

As you get creative with your celebration ideas, you can also get everyone else involved to embrace their creativity. If a coworker is having a baby, get everyone to make and mail personalized onesies. If a friend bought a new house or moved, get everyone to send them drawings of their house or hand-written memories to celebrate their new place. If a family member gets engaged, have everyone draw and mail caricatures of the couple. There is still a lot to celebrate these days, and real mail will be that much more special. 

11. Big or Small  

It’s possible that you still haven’t found the right way to celebrate someone’s important milestone during quarantine. That’s okay. It will always be special to pick up the phone and call someone. And, if you want to do something totally out there, a big gesture could be the perfect gift (we’re thinking of an enormous teddy bear at their front door or a new grill delivered to their back porch). Just go all in on whatever feels right.

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