12 Things Your Kids Don’t Want to Inherit

by Bestow Team | October 10, 2019


As a parent, you think a lot about what you’ll leave your children. A strong moral compass, a healthy planet, or even a little bit (or a lot) of money. But also, you’ve got a lot of stuff your kids probably don’t want to inherit. Let us explain. 

  1. Dolls. That doll collection brought you joy. Great. But it brings the rest of us nightmares. Actual nightmares. 


  1. Weather obsession. You got it from your dad and he got it from his dad and you all know the humidity level in Washington D.C. even though none of you has ever been to Washington D.C. Break the cycle. 


  1. Mattresses. You know why.


  1. Ghosts. Go ahead and haunt someone. Just not your kids. They’ve put up with you long enough.

  1. Old files. Nothing says, “remember me fondly,” like boxes full of 20-year-old utility bills. 


  1. Newspapers. It’s all on the internet. Every. Single. Article. Ever. Written.


  1. Old toys. Except the collectibles. And make sure those are in the original boxes. And also, ya know what, just give them to your kids right now. Avocado toast won’t pay for itself.  


  1. Debt. This doesn’t vanish when you do. And your kids may be on the hook for it.  According to Experian and, the average American dies with nearly $62,000 in debt, including home loans. If you want your kids to have your house, plan to pay it off in any scenario. 


  1. Buttons. You saved every spare button from every new thing you ever bought. And you sewed on zero of them.


  1. Teeeeeth. Throw them out. What other body parts are you keeping in the house?


  1. Condiments. No one would bequeath their condiments, but this is just a reminder to clean out your fridge regularly. When was the last time you even used capers? 


  1. Your childhood trophies. You’ve lived a full life and have a lot to be proud of, but every man (or woman) must earn their own trophies.  


Life insurance, however, lets you leave them flexibility. Your kids can decide what to buy or do — whether that’s building their own weirdo collection, traveling the world or saving for the future. And for that, they’ll remember you fondly.