Creative Ways to Celebrate Your New Home + Free Printables!

Making the jump from landlords and leases to mortgage payments and maintenance is huge, especially considering just 36.8% of millennials own a home. Those who take the plunge get to enjoy the freedom of being their own landlord, along with the joy of having something that is all their own.

What comes after the papers are signed and the boxes are moved? From planning a housewarming party to DIY-ing home decor, there are plenty of ways to celebrate your new home. Read on to find out how.

Throw A Housewarming Party

Perhaps the most well-known way to celebrate: throw a party! A housewarming party is a great way to celebrate your big purchase and thank your friends and family for their support. Buy some wine, put on some music and invite over a group of friends for dinner and dancing.

The extra mile: Make it themed! Party themes can be fun, helpful or traditional. Some examples of popular housewarming party themes are the following:

  • Paint-A-Room
  • Garden Party
  • Murder Mystery
  • Stock the Bar



Go To The Store And Buy Your Dream Item

Now that you’re all moved in, it’s time to really make the house your own by filling it with things you like, need and want. If there’s an art piece, decorative pillow or expensive vase you’ve been eyeing but haven’t purchased yet, go buy it! Celebrate the feeling of hanging up your new picture on your new wall.

Make A DIY Heart Collage From Pictures

A DIY heart collage is a fun, easy-to-make project. All you need is a black square piece of cardstock, a square frame and 20–25 small photos of yourself and your family.

Arrange the photos on the black sheet of cardstock in a heart shape, then glue them down once you find an arrangement you like. Hang up the photo in the living room or bedroom, and you’ve got a fresh and personalized DIY project!

Announce Your New Address

Part of the fun of home ownership is getting to brag about your new space! For those who can’t physically attend your housewarming, a card in the mail will do.

A cute change-of-address card will help your loved ones know how to update their address books. Plus, they’ll come in handy around the holidays, or for other announcements and invitations that need to be physically mailed.



Take A Walk Around The Neighborhood

Your new neighborhood is your home base, and the place you’ll raise a family, grow older and make new memories. Take an hour to walk around your new streets and get to know the neighborhood. Plus, you may see some of your new neighbors and can take the opportunity to introduce yourself.

Ask Friends and Family to Fill Out Advice Cards

Your friends and family are a great knowledge pool for you during your transition into home ownership. Similar to a memory jar, you can rely on them to share recipes, must-know tips and other home owner advice as you embark on your new journey. Store these cards in a large, decorated mason jar for added sentimental decor you can look back on!

advice-mockup (1)


Paint Your Space

Renters often lose out on painting since landlords typically don’t allow it. In your new home, you’re free to make your house look exactly how you want. Whether you turn the whole living room green or stick to an accent wall for flair, painting your new space is a way to make it completely yours.

The extra mile: Invite friends over for a paint-a-wall party!

Throw A New Home Game Night

For those who don’t want a full-fledged housewarming party, a simple game night with close friends and family is a more intimate alternative for a festive new home celebration. Gather a small group and play some celebratory new home-themed games that are sure to bring an element of fun to moving.



Decorate Your Porch

Your porch or doorstep is the first thing people will see from the street – so you want it to give off your vibe! Decorate this space with a wreath, potted plant, gnome or whatever else matches your personality. All aspects of your home can be uniquely you, and this includes the front yard.

Meet the Neighbors Night

Meeting your neighbors is important when moving into a new house. Your neighbors can act as petsitters, house sitters or just emotional support after a hard day. Get to know those around you by hosting a “meet the neighbors” night. Some ideas for the evening are the following:

  • Potluck
  • Wine and cheese night
  • Outdoor BBQ
  • Home happy hour



No matter how you choose to celebrate, make sure you always remember to congratulate yourself on taking such a huge (and sometimes scary!) step.

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