5 Ways to Tell It’s Time to Find a New Job

As millennials enter the workforce, they bring with them a fundamental shift in office culture and expectations. With their generation poised to make up 50% of the entire workforce by next year, their philosophies on freelance and remote work, competitive benefits, and relaxed office styles are only going to become more common. 

In addition to the open-concept offices, unlimited PTO, and in-office beer taps that millennials are looking for in the workplace, they’re also developing a culture of job-hopping. In fact, 75% of millennials believe that frequent career switches help advance their careers.

Millennials are more comfortable than previous generations with leaving a job in search of what they actually want. But what is this generation looking for at work? Mostly, opportunities for personal growth, a company that aligns with their personal values, a good manager, and chances to advance, according to Gallup. And they’re not willing to compromise. 

It can be hard to tell when a company no longer fits your needs, especially since switching jobs can mean gaps in insurance coverage and paychecks.

Read on to find out how to see the signs that you need to start looking elsewhere for employment.

Pursuing a new job is a big life change that can bring uncertainty about finances, insurance, or happiness in your new role. For example, if your insurance ends when you leave your job and you have a few weeks before your new job starts, or a probationary period before you can sign up for insurance benefits at your new gig, you may find yourself in a sticky situation. 

But as work styles and expectations change, millennials are finding themselves in a unique position of ability to find their dream job — and they’re determined to do so. 

But the reality is that life insurance benefits almost never transfer from job to job. During times of career flux, you might find yourself without coverage. Luckily, Bestow is there to provide you with a life insurance quote in minutes.

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