How to Make an Epic Pillow Fort For At-Home Adventuring (+ Printable Themes!)

A pillow fort is a low-cost activity that is fun to build and creates a safe, creative space for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a way to pass time on a rainy day or create a warm, inviting atmosphere away from the heat or cold outside, a pillow fort is a tried and true way to kill a few hours. 

Read on for tips on building your own pillow fort, including theme ideas to explore and try.  

How to Build a Pillow Fort

Building a pillow fort is a fun activity that can be completed using household objects. Here’s our guide to assembling your own. 



Step 1: Gather Supplies

Pillows forts can be built with common household items, making it a fun activity that doesn’t break the bank! Though there are a few materials that every pillow fort needs, this is also a highly adaptable activity that can be easily fit to your needs. A few common materials are the following:

  • Blankets
  • Sheets
  • Pillows
  • Chairs
  • Binder clips
  • Decorations

Tip: Use light-weight blankets and sheets for the roof and walls so you don’t need as much support. 

Step 2: Choose a Location

The location of your pillow fort is crucial. It should be centered around a large piece of furniture that you can use as your base, and which will act as the main support for the structure. You should also consider things like light, surface area, and comfort. 

Tip: Consider building your fort around an electrical outlet so you can plug in a light or laptop for activities inside of your fort. 


Step 3: Build the Base

Create the base of your pillow fort by first selecting a larger piece of furniture such as a table, sofa or chair to serve as the anchor. Once you’ve selected your base, add end tables or smaller chairs in a circular shape around your anchor. 

Tip: If you don’t have a couch that works, you can let a table act as the roof of your fort and drape blankets over the sides to build walls. 

Step 4: Build the Roof

There are many ways to give your pillow fort a roof. It’s best to use a lightweight sheet or blanket to prevent sagging and ensure your fort is strong enough to hold the weight. You can simply drape the sheet over your base and tie it down, or tie a rope to the chairs that make up the base of your fort and drape the sheet over it like a tent. 

Tip: If you can’t find a sturdy enough base with furniture, you can build your fort in a corner or on a wall and use push pins to pin your roof sheet into the wall. 


Step 5: Make the Walls

To cover big holes, lay additional light sheets or blankets over the sides of your fort to become walls. Once it’s mostly covered, line the bottom of the tent with large pillows or sofa cushions for additional structure and added comfort. If you want additional security, attach the blankets to the fort structure with binder clips. 

Tip: Use light-colored blankets and sheets for the walls so your fort doesn’t trap heat and come too hot inside. 

Step 6: Decorate the Fort

Once your fort is complete, it’s time to decorate! Bring in lights, pillows, plants, pictures, or whatever else you want to make your pillow fort your own. There is no limit to what you can do with your fort, so get creative and decide on the vibe you want for your fun new space. 

Tip: If you have a rug, bring it into the fort to serve as a comfortable floor for laying down and playing games. 



Step 7: Add Personal Touches

You can make your fort wholly your own by adding personal touches like a favorite blanket, stuffed animal or color palette. The more personal and inviting your tent is for you, the more time you and your family will want to spend inside!

Tip: Use our customizable welcome sign to take your fort to the next level with its own, unique name. 

Pillow Fort Ideas

Your pillow fort can be anything you want it to be. Explore theme ideas to make your pillow fort the beachy oasis or bohemian sanctuary of your dreams. 

Simple and Functional: 

Like Occam’s Razor, sometimes the easiest solution is the sweetest. Keep your pillow fort simple by using light-colored sheets in neutral colors to keep it airy, adding a few pillows and blankets for comfort, and bringing in a light to keep it bright at nighttime. With only a few additions, you’ll be ready to start enjoying your pillow fort in no time! 

Color palette: white, beige, brown

Decorations: pillows, blankets, a lamp 



Playful and Whimsical: 

Make your pillow fort a joyful area by using bright colors and fun decorations. Bring in fuzzy pillows, pastel-colored fabrics, and fairy lights to give your fort a whimsical and magical feeling. For added fun, fill the fort with some stuffed animals, games to play, or fiction books to read while you spend time inside. 

Color palette: pastel pink, sky blue, white

Decorations: fuzzy blankets, stuffed animals, fairy lights 

Artsy and Colorful: 

Show off your creative side by building the avant-garde pillow fort of your dreams. Mix lots of colors and patterns to create an artistic feeling inside of your fort. Let your imagination run wild and bring in unconventional pillow fort decorations such as art prints, figurines, and puppets. Bring in your art supplies to give your artistic space the authentic feeling of an art studio.

Color palette: red, blue, yellow, green

Decorations: art prints, figurines 



Beachy and Nautical: 

Bring your beach vacation home by building a fun, nautical-themed, beach tent in your living room! Decorate with vibrant, beachy colors and ropes to give it a nautical feeling. To add to the ambiance, consider laying a beach towel on your pillow fort floor and play the sounds of crashing waves and seagulls. Then, relax and enjoy a magazine or book at your very own at-home beach (minus the sand!). 

Color palette: royal blue, white, red 

Decorations: beach towel, ropes, seashells

Bohemian and Relaxing: 

Create your own zen sanctuary by incorporating bohemian elements into your pillow fort. Bring in houseplants, many layers of blankets and tapestries, large pillows, and fake candles to give a candle-burning look without the fire danger. Play relaxing music in the fort and enjoy your time relaxing, meditating, and unplugging from the real world. 

Color palette: maroon, gold, green

Decorations: tapestries, fake candles, plants 



Adventurous and Outdoorsy: 

If you love camping and being outside but can’t make it to the woods, bring the outdoorsy experience into your living room with an adventure-themed pillow fort. Attach stars to the ceiling of your fort to give yourself an indoor stargazing experience, scent your fort with a pine-scented air freshener or essential oil diffuser, spread out your sleeping bag and enjoy your simulated open-air fort. 

Color palette: green, red, blue

Decorations: flannel blankets, sleeping bags, stars 

Your pillow fort can be anything you want it to be — the most important thing is that it is a fun and inviting space where you can spend time and have fun. Whether you choose to build your fort for your whole family or just for yourself, get creative and have fun! 

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