58 Memory Jar Ideas and Printables to Capture Your Family’s Special Moments

by Bestow Team | January 30, 2020

Think back to the day you met your partner. Do you remember what you ate? What you talked about? What made you laugh? Or, how about when you sent your little one off to school? How did you feel? What surprised you? 

Often, we hold onto the big memories associated with the people we love while the little memories tend to fade. That’s unfortunate since sometimes the smaller, less remarkable memories are the most special to look back on in the future. Reflecting on these little memories helps us live a more fulfilling life and draws us closer to our loved ones. 

Whether you’re a newlywed wanting to record your experiences with your partner or a parent looking to document your special memories with your kids, look to our memory jar ideas and printables to create a thoughtful gift that will keep on giving. 

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How to Make Your Memory Jar 


Memory jars are exactly what they sound like: a jar — or really any clear container you have — with hand-written memories inside. Try to think beyond the traditional mason jar. Use a cookie jar for maximum space or maybe even a wine glass for an added element of elegance. 

  • Once you’ve decided on your container, you’ll want to print out one of our labels and attach it to your jar. 
  • Make the jar your own. Add yarn, paint, fabric, or other decorative elements to the outside. 
  • Fill your memory jar with your finished printables. 
  • Revisit your memories on special occasions, like anniversaries or birthdays, or whenever you feel like reminiscing. 

Here are some memory jar ideas to get you started. 

Memory Jar Ideas for Newlyweds 


As you grow in your relationship with your partner, you’ll want to look back on the early days of falling in love. When did your partner first make you laugh? What was one special gift you received? When did you feel inspired or nervous? 

We’ve included everything you’ll need for your memory jar — from the labels to the printables themselves. All you’ll need is some scissors and a few good ideas. 

Dating Memories 

  • My favorite part about our first date was___ 
  • When we first met, I thought you were___ 
  • You made me happy when you___ 
  • I had the most fun with you when___ 
  • I fell in love with you when___
  • You first made me laugh when___
  • You surprised me with a special gift of___ 
  • I felt proud when you___

Wedding Memories 

  • I knew I wanted to marry you when___
  • On the day of our wedding I felt___
  • While planning our wedding, I felt___
  • On our wedding day, you looked___
  • The most embarrassing thing on our wedding day was___
  • I still remember our vows because___
  • My favorite part about our wedding was___
  • I enjoyed our honeymoon because___

Everyday Memories 

  • You inspired me when___
  • My favorite inside joke you’ve ever told me was___
  • My favorite trip with you was the time when___
  • We moved into our first home and___
  • The first time you became a parent, I felt___
  • You impressed me when___
  • You comforted me when___
  • You were patient with me when I___

Shared Memories 

Or, create a shared memory jar in which you and your partner write your own memories side-by-side. 

  • The biggest thing I’ve learned from you is___
  • You made me feel a lot happier when___
  • You challenged me when___ 
  • My favorite memory with you was when we___

Memory Jar Ideas for Your Kids 


Once they’re old enough, your kids will want to know about their childhood and the special memories you shared with them. Here are some memory jar ideas to create a homemade gift you’ll both enjoy. 

Childhood Memories 

  • The day you were born I felt___
  • Your first word was___
  • You liked to___
  • Your favorite food was___
  • You threw a big tantrum when you___
  • You surprised me when___
  • My favorite holiday memory was when___ 
  • You enjoyed playing with___

Funny Memories 

  • You got in trouble in school because you___
  • A funny, embarrassing moment was when___
  • You always mispronounced___
  • You made me smile when___
  • You didn’t understand how to___
  • You asked me about___
  • You would always tell me a joke about___
  • You would forget to___

Sentimental Memories 

  • You made me proud when___
  • You always dreamed of___ 
  • You made me feel better when___ 
  • We cried over___
  • You inspired me when___
  • You reminded me that___
  • You told me something that I’ll never forget___
  • You had a bad day, and we___

Memory Photo Printables 


Perhaps you’ve already created a memory jar, and you’d like to think beyond the jar. Check out these printables that allow you to attach photos and string them together on your wall. 

  • You made me laugh uncontrollably when___
  • My favorite memory with you was___
  • I enjoyed our adventure to___ 
  • You taught me that___
  • You cheered me up when___
  • You surprised me when ___

Look to these memory jar ideas to ensure you hold onto all of the moments worth remembering in life, both big and small. Reflecting on the everyday, happy moments of life can help you live a longer, more fulfilling life. 

Plus, you never know when you might need a little pick-me-up sometime in the future! Learn how else Bestow prepares you and your family to live your best lives in the future.