18 At-Home Staycation Ideas for Every Couple (+ Free Printables)

by Bestow Team | May 04, 2020

Looking for a break from the everyday, but don’t have the time (or the budget) for a weekend getaway? A staycation could be the budget-friendly — but still indulgent — break you’re looking for.  Just like the name implies, a staycation is a break from reality that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home! 

A staycation is a great option for people who want to enjoy the benefits of a vacation without worrying about time, cost or too much planning. They can also be tailored to your interests, time constraints or budget needs, so you can make it work perfectly for you and your family. 

For the Thrifty Couple

Life comes with many expenses,  including bills, mortgages, rent, food and childcare. For couples who are newly married, saving up for a big life decision like a car or house, or who just want to cut costs, travel is an easy luxury to put on the back burner. But even the Thrifty Couple deserves a nice weekend. 

1. Look Up Free or Discounted Museum Nights

Many museums offer free or discounted entry once per month or week. Look up when museums in your town offer these discounted nights for a fun, frugal outing that is both educational and entertaining. 

Tip: Some museums also offer adult-only nights, which can make for a fun date experience. 

2. Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market Then Cook a Meal

Making your own meal is cheaper than going out to a restaurant — and it’s also a fun activity for you and your partner! Start out by going to your local farmer’s market to pick up fresh, locally sourced ingredients, then get to cooking and enjoy. 

Tip: Remaking or innovating meals you loved as a child can be a fun, nostalgic experience that also helps you get to know each other better! 

3. Transform Your Living Room Into a Luxury Hotel

One of the best parts of a vacation is getting to stay in a hotel and experience that thrill of being away from home. Usually, however, hotels come with a high price tag. Recreate the experience with these fun printables.  

Tip: Wash and change your bedsheets for a DIY “turndown” experience  that will make your sleeping experience feel fresh and new as well. Bonus points for leaving a chocolate on the pillow! 

For the Busy Couple

Between work, family obligations, social events, hobbies and exercise, it can be hard to find time for romance. No one knows this more than the Busy Couple. But even couples with a full schedule can still take time for themselves by planning a weekend staycation. 

1. Create an At-Home Spa

Bring out the face masks, drinks and massage oil for a fun, at-home spa on a budget. Recreate the experience of a couples massage and facial by doing your own face masks and giving each other a luxurious massage. This will help you wind down from a busy week and get yourself in the relaxing mindset of a vacation. 

Tip: Create your own face mask or massage oil for an additional DIY activity you can do together. 

2. Get Wine or Cocktails Delivered

Don’t stress about running to the store for drinks — vacations are all about relaxation and being pampered. There are plenty of wine, beer and cocktail delivery services that can recreate the experience of a nice bar or restaurant. 

Tip: Order a cocktail kit for delivery and have fun mixing the drinks together — plus, this allows you to tailor the cocktail to your taste and strength preferences. 

3. Play the Get to Know Me Game

With so much to do, it’s sometimes hard to find time to sit down and have a conversation. Use these printable prompts to reconnect with your partner, and maybe even learn some new facts about them!

Tip: Add in a few of your own prompts with questions or facts you want to learn.

For the Adventurous Couple

The Adventurous Couple is always traveling, spending time in nature or planning their next adventure. While their typical vacations usually include some sort of outdoorsy activity, a staycation can also be a great opportunity to embrace the spirit of the outdoors from home. 

1. Camp Out In Your Backyard

You don’t have to be away from home to enjoy the serene, rugged feeling of camping. Pitch your tent in your backyard or driveway so you can enjoy the outdoors while you’re still at home (but, luckily, can still use your own bathroom). 

Tip: If you don’t already have one, consider splurging on a portable fire pit so you can even enjoy roasted s’mores and hot dogs from home. 

2. Take a Long Walk or Hike

There are many ways to explore nature in your neighborhood or the surrounding area. Some cities have nature trails that you can explore or parks you can walk around in — but even if that isn’t an option, a long walk around the neighborhood will still help you feel the many benefits of being outdoors. 

Tip: Consider investing in a bird, plant or animal field guide so you can spot wildlife while you explore.

3. Make an Adventure Mood Board

For those with wanderlust, the excitement of the next adventure is always brewing. An adventure mood board is a fun craft you and your partner can complete together that will help you visualize and plan for your next actual trip. 

Tip: Use these printable mood board labels and tags while constructing your mood board!

For the Mindful Couple

There are many ways that couples can focus on mindfulness together. From yoga and meditation to gratitude practices, The Mindful Couple is devoted to being fully present in their daily lives. A mindful staycation can help you relax and ground yourself while further connecting with your partner. 

1. Do Yoga Together 

Recreate the feeling of a relaxing yoga retreat without having to travel. There are many free yoga videos online that you and your partner can follow along with from home! Light candles to meditate on and use essential oils to create a calming atmosphere. 

Tip: Do yoga outside at sunrise or sunset for maximum relaxation and mindfulness. 

2. Make Shapes Out of Clouds

Being outside is relaxing and rejuvenating, and there are so many fun ways to spend time outdoors. Enjoy the simple pleasure of a nice day by making shapes in the sky! Lay down a blanket and look up at the sky, then take turns spotting shapes in the clouds. 

Tip: Make a story with your partner out of the shapes you spot to make the activity more interactive. 

3. Meditate Together 

Meditation is a great way to deepen your gratitude and acknowledgement of the life around you. By meditating with your partner, you can focus on your thankfulness and gratitude for each other while also relaxing your body and mind. 

Tip: Use this meditation worksheet to elevate your focus and guide yourself through the meditation.

For the Long-Term Couple

As time goes on, couples can sometimes lose touch even though they see each other everyday. A staycation is a great opportunity for the Long-Term Couple to reconnect with each other and have fun while doing it. 

1. Take a Cooking Class

Learning new skills together can help you bond and deepen your relationship — it’s also fun to try new things! Not only will you be spending time together, but you’ll also be developing your skills. Look up a local cooking class for a cuisine you both enjoy and attend together. 

Tip: After the class, have a date night where you cook the meal you learned to make together! 

2. Recreate Your First Date

It doesn’t have to be exact, but there are many ways to revisit your first date and laugh together about your shared nervousness and excitement. Going bowling, mini golfing, roller skating or to dinner are easy and local activities. Or, if you went out to the movies on your first date, you could set up a home screening of the film complete with popcorn. 

Tip: You could even try to dress similar to how you dressed when you went out for the first time!

3. Do a Puzzle

Teamwork and collaboration can help a couple bond with each other while having a good time. Ditch the cellphones, pour a glass of wine and work together on a puzzle. Finding ways to work together to complete the art project can reestablish your compatibility, while the activity also provides a great opportunity to chat. 

Tip: You can frame the puzzle after you’re done to remind you of your great weekend together.

For the Couple With Kids

Having kids is a huge joy in life, but often leaves less time for romance. But there’s no reason why the Couple With Kids can’t have a fun weekend that brings the whole family closer. 

1. Turn the House into a Dance Hall

Dim the lights, hang up colored string lights, and put on some tunes. Turning your living room into a dance hall can help the whole family get some exercise while also having fun! 

Tip: Let everyone in the family contribute to the playlist so everyone’s tastes are represented. 

2. Make a Picnic and Go to the Park

Take advantage of a beautiful day by packing a lunch and heading for a local park, field or playground. Each member of the family can collaborate on the meal, and eating together will be that much sweeter. 

Tip: No phones at lunch! Make this time for connection and togetherness. 

3. Set up a Popcorn Bar for Movie Night

Add some luxury to movie night by creating a popcorn bar! Set out a big bowl of popcorn and some candy toppings, scoops and bowls. Let your kids create their popcorn masterpiece then screen a movie the whole family can enjoy. 

Tip: Dress up for the movie screening to make it feel like you’re at a movie premiere or other red carpet event. 

No matter where you are in life, there’s a staycation plan that will fit your needs and budget. Find something that works for the whole family and have fun with the planning process! After all, vacations are meant to be relaxing and invigorating. 

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