Let’s Geaux! Term Life Insurance in Louisiana

by Bestow Team | July 06, 2018

Everything you need to know about term life insurance in Louisiana. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Louisiana is more than just Mardi Gras, cajun food, and jazz. It’s a state rich in history — the St. Charles streetcar line is the oldest continuously operating streetcar line in the world! It’s also rich in culture, where the blend of African, European, and Native American ancestry is evident across the state. And yes, the state does have one of the highest alligator populations in the country, but you’ve also got yummy crawfish and oysters, so we can call it even.

While Louisiana was the 18th state to join the union, it’s the fourth in Bestow’s national roll out of our term life insurance plans. So, let’s geaux!

What Is Term Life Insurance?

The simplest and most affordable type of life insurance is term life insurance. You pay the same monthly rate throughout the duration of your term in exchange for coverage. The term length can be pretty flexible.

The coverage amount would be your beneficiary’s tax-free death benefit should you pass away, no matter how far into your policy term the claim is made. If you pass away on day three or the day before your policy term ends, the death benefit (coverage amount) is the same.

You can learn all about term life insurance right here.

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A Smarter Approach to Life Insurance

With Bestow, you can get up to $1.5 Million in term life coverage online and instantly with no medical exam. You’re probably wondering how this works, right? We’ve built a first-of-its-kind framework that uses big data and technology in our application process, doing our best to save you time and beaucoup bucks. Just fill out a simple online questionnaire, and if approved, you can buy your policy in just a few minutes.

That’s right. No medical exam, lab tests, or sales calls here (#winning). But if you do need help, our team of Customer Care Advisors can answer your questions via our nifty chat box floating around this page, or you can give us a ring here.

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