The Stay-at-Home Bucket List

Most of us live on Couch Island these days, which can start to feel especially dull when you think about the actual island-hopping that can’t happen right now. The good news? Staying in The Great Indoors still offers a wealth of bucket-list worthy items, even if some of them require a bit of creative thinking. 

When we’re on the other side of this, know that you did more than visit your friends at Central Perk for the dozenth time or watch hours of living room choreography on your phone. Behold: The Stay-at-Home Bucket List. 


1. Learn to Tie-Dye

You can order dyes, or better yet; use natural dyes like avocados, beets, or carrots. Grab a t-shirt, tote bag, pair of socks, or some towels and experiment with different methods and patterns. 

2. Change the Walls

Paint your entire bedroom or just a single wall. You can also try peel-off wallpaper if you need to go with something more temporary. 

3. Get Scrappy 

Find cardboard scraps, leftover yarn, old paint, and anything else you’ve thrown in a junk drawer or craft box. Make something totally impractical like a hat that looks like a cake, a piece of wall art, or an oversized necklace made for video chat. 

4. Express Yourself 

Create a pattern for a favorite quote and cross-stitch it. You could also try your hand at iron-on letters on a plain sweatshirt or embroidery on the pocket of a shirt. Nothing is quite as impressive as saying “Oh, thanks, I made it myself!” 

5. Finish Your Coloring Book 

What if (now, hear us out on this) you finished the whole coloring book? 


6. Foreign Language 101

Whether it’s to order tacos in Spanish, to ask where the bathroom is in Italian, or to ask for a beer in Mandarin, now’s the time to prepare for your next foreign language exchange. 

7. Learn a New Digital Skill 

Many software programs are temporarily free or discounted, so you might as well work on your video editing, sound mixing, or illustration skills. 

8. DIY Origami 

You might not have display-worthy origami paper lying around, but if you have some scrap paper, you’re all set to look up patterns online and teach yourself how to make something like a frog, a cat, or a crane mobile. 

9. Be Prompted 

Get out of your own head and reach daily writing, drawing, or cooking goals by turning to outside prompts. Ask your friends for prompts or find some online, then set out to do things a little differently. 

10. Become Your Own Handyman 

Sometimes you look around your house and realize that you’re not quite the handyman you always thought you’d be. The only way to learn is to do it yourself, though. So, tackle a small project (maybe skip A/C servicing and new plumbing for now) with the help of videos online or calling a friend on speakerphone. 


11. Go International

Choose a country or a specialty cuisine and cook your own internationally-inspired feast. Keep the theme up with decorations, trivia, or movies, too. 

12. Use What You Got

If you forgot about those bananas you bought two weeks ago, they’ll make the perfect banana bread. The best dishes often come from using what you already have, so poke around your pantry and fridge. 

13. Make Your Own Pizza 

There’s always a pizza on the menu that you wish you would have ordered instead of going with the one you know you’ll like. Make the adventurous pizza for yourself, starting with the crust.  

14. Homemade Speciality Foods

Turn things from ho-hum to haute cuisine by making your own specialty foods. Just think; you could make your own ricotta, your own ice cream, your own pesto, or your own green juice cleanse. 

15. Join the Sourdough Cult

And don’t skip starting with your own starter! 


16. Master the perfect push-up

If nothing else, this will make for a great party trick whenever you get to go to a party again. 

17. Get to 10,000 Steps

Walk around your house during the day, lap the block, and explore your entire neighborhood. 

18. Improve Your Run Time 

For anyone trying to wear out their running shoes, this is a great time to start a new running routine that you can build on as you increase your stamina. 

19. Pull-Up Prep

It’s likely that you don’t have a pull-up bar near you right now, but you can still train at home by working on your shoulder, lat, and tricep strength. 

20. Your Own Crow’s Pose

You probably have a specific yoga pose that you’ve always wanted to effortlessly pop into. Start some daily training now for your own personal yoga milestone.


21. Finally print your favorite online pics 

Go through your Facebook and Instagram pages and start printing the pictures you’ve always said you’d get to later. Send the files off to be mailed to you or get your own photo printer. 

22. Gallery Wall 

Get your measuring tape and pencil out and dedicate an afternoon to finally creating your dream gallery wall. 

23. Feng Shui 

Reach some harmony in your house with a mindful refresh of your layout. Maybe it’s time to move your bed under the window or switch a bookcase to a new side of the room. 

24. Bullet Journal 

Bullet journaling is a complex, visually-pleasing organizational method that will make impressive use of your blank notebooks and colored pens.

25. Clean Your Closet 

It’s spring, we’ve been stuck inside since winter, and there’s never been a better time to dive into spring cleaning. 


26. Required Watching 

Watch the classic movies you’ve always wanted to say you’ve seen. 

27. Night-in on Broadway 

Many Broadway staples are currently available to be streamed for the first time ever. It’s showtime. 

28. See Some Artistic Masterpieces 

Find virtual tours of some of the world’s biggest museums and take a digital stroll amongst their masterpieces. 

29. Make the Ultimate Playlist

Get to know a new musical genre or go deep into your favorite artist’s discography by building a comprehensive playlist that draws on musical influences and genre-bending songs. 

 30. Attend a Live Performance in Your Pajamas 

With so many superstars going live on their social platforms, we’ve never had more options to spend time listening to our favorite performers play live. And you get to bring a blanket. 


31. Snail Mail 

Give your family and friends a reason to get excited about going out to their mailboxes. 

32. Reconnect with Your Childhood Best Friend 

If you’ve been meaning to spark up old friendships, pick up the phone (or the pen, as you did in #31) and make some new memories. 

33. FaceTime with Family 

Find yourself video chatting with your Grandma’s first selfie or your baby cousin’s crawling. Don’t forget to take a screenshot.  

34. Go Live 

Turn to Instagram for some instant community by going live with your friends as you review your favorite sour candies, show off your sneaker collection, or tackle making the perfect latte on air. 

35. Teach Your Old Dog a New Trick

It might finally be time to learn how to roll over. 


36. Grow Your Own Food 

Indoor herb box, planter tomatoes, pepper bushes, lettuce plants… the options are endlessly yummy. 

37. Leave No Trace 

Grab some gloves and a trash bag and pick up the trash in your neighborhood. Others will see you hard at work and you could inspire a community movement, too! 

38. Bird Watching 

You could keep notes, sketch what you see, and even broaden the watch to include bugs, plants, weeds, dogs, and garbage cans.

39. Geocaching 

Find out if your area has an active geocaching guide. Be sure to have your face mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer ready for when you find the cache. 

40. Sidewalk Chalk 

This doesn’t just have to be for the kids in your life, either. If you’ve got chalk and a sidewalk, you can create a masterpiece. 


41. Puzzle 

Tackle a 1,000-piece puzzle and tear through your dusty puzzle collection. 

42. Prank 

Maybe you’ll Saran Wrap a desk, put googly eyes on bathroom products, or literally turn the living room upside-down. 

43. Complete a Crossword 

Don’t throw in the towel when you can’t think of a three-letter word for “Pictures of Yosemite”.

44. Themed Trivia 

If you want to learn more about French new-wave cinema or show off what you already know about book covers, create digital trivia games that you can send out to your friends. 

45. Distance Learning 

Make things official and enroll in a remote university course or join a local group that specializes in your field of interest. 

46. Make the Perfect Glass of Homemade Lemonade

One great thing about the Stay-at-Home Bucket List is that it encourages you to make the most of what’s already around you.  It may seem weird to turn this time into an opportunity, but we think you deserve some lemonade. 

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