Got Career Envy? Here are 5 Ways to Use it to Your Advantage

When you see a friend or colleague’s post about a big promotion, you want to be happy for them. But that’s sometimes easier said than done — especially if the promotion came with a raise or increased benefits that you’d like as well. 

These feelings are known as “career envy,” or the comparison of yourself and your work to others and the jealousy that comes from not measuring up.

The growth of social media and  “comparison culture” makes us more likely than ever to question our worth. On social media we are always looped into our friends’ and colleagues’ promotions, job perks and achievements. And as “hustle culture” becomes more prevalent, it’s easy to feel lesser. 

But jealousy doesn’t always have to mean defeat and anger — career envy can also be a motivator to work harder. Instead of viewing your friend’s promotion as a threat,  see it as inspiration to get your own. Channel the jealousy you’re feeling into positive action.

The infographic below provides actionable tips to channel your jealousy into progress.



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