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Warren Buffett, the world’s greatest investor, shared wisdom key to his success:

Rule #1: Never lose money. Rule #2: Never forget Rule #1.

While this refers to investing, it applies to life insurance too. The point is not preparing for a potential loss can destroy years of steady gains. Life insurance is a popular way to hedge the risk of losing an income earner by providing a tax-free cash payment, avoiding financial disruption.

Yet millions of well-intentioned people still live without it because it is a pain to get… literally. Research, paper forms, calls with sales agents, blood draws, urinating in cups, more calls, more meetings, more forms… and a couple months later you might be able to actually buy it. Yikes!

But what if there was a solution so good—affordable, trusted, instant—that everyone would do it? A year ago we set out to build just that. Introducing Bestow.


Customers over commission. First step to a more affordable policy? Remove the sales pressure to potentially buy more than you need. Traditional life insurance agents receive a commission based on the amount you pay and this can add pressure on you to buy more than you need. Don’t love that? Neither did we, so we got rid of the sales pressure. We do have Customer Care Advisors (who are licensed and certified) to answer questions, but they aren’t commissioned. So there’s no pressure on you from a sales person. We just want customers to be well-informed and really happy.

Are you a DIY kind of person? Apply as quickly as you can type. Prefer a Customer Care Advisor to answer questions? We can do that too. And while Bestow keeps the lights on with a commissions, we have no conflict around recommendations or prices, which means you have peace of mind to get the highest quality coverage you want at a price you can afford.

Technology-driven. The second way to make your policy more affordable is to decrease the cost of providing insurance. Through technology, the Bestow team is able to provide better service than a large insurance company at a fraction of the cost. And those savings are passed through to you, the customer.

For example, consider the underwriting process. Traditionally you have a nurse traveling to conduct a medical exam, laboratory tests to review blood and urine samples, underwriters to adjust results, administrators to file paper applications, etc.

Bestow’s online underwriting is an intelligent series of simple questions and database checks that delivers an instant answer without any human intervention. Removing all that manual work passes along the savings to our customers.


Backed by the best. We partnered with two of the highest-rated and most respected insurance companies in the world (more details to come in a later post). Bestow policies are financially supported by industry giants with a track record of protecting millions of families for more than 300 years. Your life insurance policy will stand the test of time because it is backed by the best.

Partners for life. Preparing for the future requires a lot of research and assumptions. What type of product? How much do I need? Who is the best provider? What’s a fair price?

Good news! We’ve done the work for you. Bestow leverages the best research, products, partners, data and technology to deliver the best solutions for the most people at the lowest cost. Answer simple questions and receive personalized recommendations.

And life insurance is just the beginning. Our goal is to help you achieve a long life of financial security. As your life changes and you need to modify your coverage, we will be there to help. Beyond that, we’ll continue to roll out benefits to Bestow members so you can spend time building and enjoying a great life, not worrying about it.


The insurance industry overall has stuck to the same process for years as you see in Table 1.

Table 1: Industry’s estimated timing to get life insurance

INDUSTRY AVERAGE Fastest Time Slowest Time
Get Quote 2 minutes 2 days
Product Selection 5 minutes 1-3 days
Application 8 minutes 30 minutes
Medical Exam 2 days 2 weeks
Phone Interview 12 minutes 30 minutes
Underwriting 1 week 2 months
Coverage Decision 5 minutes 10 minutes
Policy Approved 1 day 1 week

Industry’s fastest estimated time: 2 weeks
Industry’s slowest estimated time: 3 months

Who wants to take 2+ weeks to buy anything today?! No one. So we reimagined the entire process. Through technology we replaced all of the slow, manual traditional processes. That’s right… all of them.

First, Bestow is entirely online and available anytime from any device. No midday appointments. No sitting on hold waiting for a call center.

Second, we ask simple questions combined with real-time data sources to assess your health. Bestow’s algorithmic underwriting delivers you an instant decision, which means you pick your coverage and you’re done.

So let’s see how Bestow compares to rest of the industry in Table 2.

Table 2: Bestow’s estimated timing to get life insurance

BESTOW Fastest Time Slowest Time
Application 2 minutes 10 minutes
Underwriting 1 second 1 second
Product Selection 5 seconds 2 minutes
Policy Approved 1 second 1 second

Bestow’s fastest estimated time from start to finish: 2 minutes
Bestow’s slowest estimated time from start to finish: 12 minutes

2 weeks vs. 2 minutes. It’s a no brainer! Also remember, our Customer Care Advisors are standing by should you have questions along the way. Technically advanced doesn’t have to be impersonal.

Live Better

One of the benefits about preparing for the future is the confidence you gain today. Apply for coverage today.

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