Action in a Time of Uncertainty

by Melbourne O'Banion | March 20, 2020

3 Minute Read

There are many unknowns right now with COVID-19 (coronavirus), but one thing we do know is that when life gets scary, it feels good to be prepared. People today are wondering now more than ever how to best protect their family’s health and financial future. 

We are all facing a rare set of circumstances with the uncertainty about what tomorrow, next week, or next month might bring. 

Concerns exist over the lack of accessibility to everything from groceries to medical services to basic household essentials, with the number of people compelled to be at home all day rapidly increasing. As of today: 

  • there are currently 21.3 million Californians under shelter-in-place orders. [source] 
  • remote work has been advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [source]
  • some grocery delivery companies are turning away customers. [source]
  • President Trump has declared a national emergency [source]

From our founding, Bestow was built with accessibility being top of mind. We have invested deeply in technology to allow as many Americans as possible to get immediate life insurance coverage, without depending on agent interactions or processing medical exams.

We are 100% online and do not require medical exams for ANY applicants.

Every industry is being affected by this crisis, including ours. The typical life insurance company’s process of issuing policies includes face to face interaction and lab tests are now being suspended in some states, and we expect the number of insurers unable to issue certain types of coverage to increase over the coming weeks. 

It is as important as ever now to help provide Americans access to the protection and financial security they deserve. We couldn’t have predicted this pandemic. But we did recognize early on that many of the systems life insurers rely on are ill equipped to deal with change. So we built a technology platform, product, and infrastructure capable of performing through change and uncertainty. 

Anyone, anywhere can visit to apply. There is never a wait, never a doctor’s visit, and no paper forms to complete. This is the best way you can access life insurance in just a few minutes from the comfort of your home (or improvised home office as the case may be now). 

While our sales were already significantly growing month over month, the explosion of media coverage around the coronavirus has undoubtedly led to an increase in people considering the impact a pandemic could have on their families. Over the last couple months we’ve seen a surge in demand. Our high intent traffic has increased by over 50%, the majority of buyers are first time purchasers of life insurance, and our application to purchase rate has more than doubled.

Most people will be on their couch or at their desk, unable to leave the house, but still compelled to take some sort of action — to be proactive in the way they look out for their loved ones. There is no more important time to feel empowered to make decisions about your future than right now.

With the technology available today, we are in a position to create resources for people that wouldn’t be available 10 years ago. We have video communication, online education, remote healthcare tools, and access to fully online life insurance providers. At Bestow, we are proud to be part of that movement and focus on our purpose to create a world where every life is valued and protected.