Add life insurance to your site or app, in one day.

With Bestow's platform, provide more value to customers, increase retention, and grow revenue. It’s practically a no-brainer.

Leverage innovative tech and a trusted product

Leverage innovative tech and a trusted product

Your customers

You already have the customers. Engage them with a product they want and need - with an incredibly simple, wildly fast path to peace of mind.

Your brand

Your customers know and trust you. Offering life insurance expands your product suite, increases brand affinity, and extends your customer relationship.

Bestow’s platform

Our end-to-end tech stack supports a range of integrations that match your unique business needs and resources. Offer a fully-hosted life insurance solution in as little as one day. We can help with everything from licensing to launch.

Ways to partner



From emails and splash pages to in-app tiles. Learn more about our affiliate program here.
Protect Web

Protect Web

Seamless, plug-and-play solutions that enable companies to launch life insurance in as little as one day.
Protect API

Protect API

With both SDK and API integration options, launch highly customizable, white-labeled life insurance solutions in a few sprints.

Choose the pricing model that meets your company’s needs - share of recurring policy premiums, heaped commissions, or price per-application.

You already have customers who want life insurance.

Over 100 million Americans do.

48% of millennials say they plan on buying life insurance soon.

And 65% say they don’t know where to start looking.


“Life insurance can be a vital way to invest in the future. Bestow helps us provide access to inclusive and affordable options for our customers, so they can better protect themselves and their loved ones”

– Brandon Kreig

CEO and Co-Founder of Stash

Stash is a paid partner of Bestow


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