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<p>How to Earn with Bestow</p>

How to Earn with Bestow

  1. Share a Link

    Share your unique referral link with friends and family.

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  2. Get Rewarded

    Earn rewards via digital gift cards for each friend that uses your unique referral link, receive an eligible quote and creates an account with Bestow

  3. Pick Your Gift

    Once your friend creates an account you’ll be able to select a digital gift card from a large selection of US retailers or donate to a charity of your choice from the selection provided

  4. Repeat!

    You can earn up to 10 referral rewards total.

Program Reward Rules

Invite friends, family members, colleagues and neighbors. But you must know personally. The following are prohibited:

  • Posting referral link to websites, sharing codes with people you don’t know personally
  • Paying someone to create an account
  • Creating multiple or fake accounts
  • Using bulk distribution or spam emails
  • Referring a person more than once
  • Encouraging people to submit inaccurate information to receive a quote (This is insurance fraud, and a felony.)

We reserve the right to terminate your referral rewards at any time.

Find full terms and conditions here.

<p>Program Reward Rules</p>
Where can I find my referral link?
  • Bestow policy-holders: Find your unique referral link in the customer portal. Simply log in to your account and find it under the Friend Referral tab.
  • Non-Bestow policy-holders: Can receive a unique referral link in bullet number one beneath “How to Earn” on
How many people can I refer?

You can refer as many friends or family members as you like, however you are only eligible to receive a reward for 10 (ten) referrals.

Who CAN’T I refer?
  • You should not refer yourself, fake accounts, or the same person more than once.
  • A resident of the state of New York
  • Someone outside the range of 21-54 yrs old
  • Non-US residents or someone that does not have permanent residence in the US
Do my friends get anything?

If approved, they might get a great term life insurance product. Unfortunately, insurance regulations prevent us from giving them a reward as well.

Who should I refer?

You can refer anyone you know personally who could benefit from term life insurance.

  • Married couples – life insurance can protect family finances
  • Parents – life insurance can cover college tuition, cost of living for children
  • Homeowners – life insurance can ensure a family can keep their home
  • Caregivers – life insurance can support elderly parents or young children
Who CAN I refer?
  • Anyone between the ages of 21-54
  • Must have US citizenship or permanent residences in the US
  • Is not a resident of the state of New York (We are not currently licensed in NY state.)
How/when do I get paid?

Once your referred friend creates an account, you’ll get a confirmation email. This confirmation email will allow you to choose your reward. Rewards make take up to 30 days to receive. If you have any issues using or redeeming your digital gift card, please reach out to [email protected]. For all other inquiries about the status of your referral or status of receiving your gift card, refer to the referral dashboard found in your customer portal. If your question cannot be resolved, reach out to one of our Customer Service Associates via the chat on the website or emailing [email protected] for further assistance.