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Application process was thorough and straight forward without exam which was a plus during COVID-19. Glad I decided to take this step to protect my family and would highly recommend Bestow to family and friends.



Easy, fast and understandable

I'm trying to break the generational curse of not understanding finances. I wanted to make small investments for my son and realized life insurance was a big step that I was missing. The site made sign up hassle free and easy. I COULD NOT believe how easy it was and now I regret waiting so long.


I'm basing this review on ease of…

I'm basing this review on ease of obtaining coverage. It was the easiest thing I've done in awhile. I have peace of mind knowing my girls will be taken care of if anything terrible happens. The best part was no blood draws or doctors. Highly recommend!


I Was Doubtful at First

I was doubtful this would be "easy and fast." I have heard that before. I went from start (initial review of coverage) to finish (policy paid for and covered) in less than 30 minutes. No joke. I could not be happier.


Quick and easy process!

I love how quick and easy the process was. From the online questions, rate offered, to the qualification process was a breeze! 20-year term policy puts me at ease and gives me peace of mind knowing my family will be taken care of. Thank you Bestow!


Very easy and straight forward

I was initially going to purchase additional life insurance coverage through my employer, but after comparing premiums Bestow came out as the clear winner.


You made it so easy to do something…

You made it so easy to do something I’ve been putting off for a long time!


Super Easy, Super Fast!

The sign-up process was super fast. I was able to complete a few questionnaires right from my mobile, which took about 10 mins. Once complete, the app returned an instant rate quote. Additionally, I was able to select from an impressive range of coverage to best suit my budget and needs.


I was very impressed

I was very impressed with how easy and fast it went! Wow...highly recommended. No agents to deal with, no tests, super fun!


Bestow is Amazing

This was by far the easiest life insurance process I've ever experienced. In a matter of minutes, I had a 20-year $500,000 term policy in place with a monthly premium less expensive than the $100,000 policy I currently had. Bestow is an amazing platform and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Emily Evans

Coverage in less than 5-minutes

Woo-hoo! The best part was that I could do everything online and didn't end up with 15 voicemails from agents afterward. Everything was clear and easy to understand.

Justin S.

Excellent, easy and quick application process!

I applied and was approved for a $1 million dollar policy in less than 10 minutes. Links right to your credit card and is incredibly affordable! Signed up my wife 2 days later. Every single person looking for Life Insurance should come here!


So Impressed

I am so impressed with the customer service at Bestow. The process was incredibly easy and quick, and everyone I spoke with was friendly and supportive. :)


Very efficient and easy to complete…

Very efficient and easy to complete life insurance online. Upfront on what you had to do, what you're receiving and step-by-step instructions on how to complete. Would recommend to other family and friends looking for term life insurance.

Timothy Chism

The process was quick, easy and affordable.

In less than 10 minutes I was insured and that gave me peace of mind. Also, I just scored some cool points with my wife.


Great application process!

The application process was easy and not time-consuming at all. Literally had coverage in about 10 minutes. I appreciate that being a very busy person. The follow up was great and it is easy to access your account if you have questions. Thanks Bestow!


Great Experience

My experience with Bestow could not have been better. After comparison-shopping, I was pleased that Bestow found coverage for me which fit my needs perfectly and saved me money. The online process was fast and easy. The representatives I spoke to were helpful, but not overbearing with high-pressure sales tactics. Overall, I highly recommend Bestow to anyone in the market for term life insurance.


The website is very easy to use

You can get the information that you need, make a decision, and move on with your day!

Angel P


Very competitive rates/ coverage limits. A very good overall value. An underlying sense of being treated fairly by the underwriting process. A refreshing, welcome and much needed addition to what’s out there in the life insurance market.


Easier than I ever thought!

Just easier than I ever thought getting life insurance would be! Great rates as well!!


Quick and easy online

I called a few days later asking some questions and the person I spoke to was very nice and gave me the information I needed. No headaches and you get what you pay for. Felt a big relief after knowing my son had some cushion in case something were to happen to me.

Coverage today, if approved.
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