At Bestow, we take seriously our commitment to honor your loved one’s wishes by helping not only gather and report the information needed to file a claim, but also by providing valuable information to help beneficiaries navigate this challenging time.

How the Claims Process Works

Submit Claim Form

Complete the claim form below. As both an insurance agency and an insurance carrier, Bestow is licensed to sell policies on behalf of partner insurance companies, as well as to issue policies of our own. After receiving your notice, we’ll perform a policy search, and we’ll notify the appropriate insurance company that issued the policy. If a policy can’t be found, we’ll do our best to provide you with information to help you search for coverage with other unaffiliated insurance companies.

Receive Claim Packet

Each beneficiary of record will get a claim packet from the insurance company that issued the policy. The claim packet will outline the requirements necessary to settle the claim.

Complete Claim Packet

Each beneficiary must submit the required forms and information back to the insurance company that provided the claim packet. It’s important to remember that only the insurance company that issued the policy has the authority to provide beneficiaries with claim updates, to determine the requirements, and to decide if, to whom, and how benefits are paid.

What else should I do?

There may be other benefits that you are entitled to receive. Read our article about what you should know about the payout as a life insurance beneficiary and visit our insurance partner’s claims form that has other helpful information.


If you have any questions at all, feel free to call at 833-300-0603.