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Bestow Tops Forbes' 2023 List of the World's Best Insurance Companies

By the Bestow Team·July 20, 2023·1 Minute Read

Bestow has been ranked #1 in Forbes' 2023 List of the World's Best Insurance Companies in the life insurance category for the United States. It's an honor that we achieved this ranking based on consumer feedback, which makes us even more grateful for our team's hard work in building the best product for our customers. 

Forbes partnered with Statista, a renowned market research firm, to survey more than 30,000 people in 15 countries, focusing on those who've held a life insurance policy in the past three years. The participants were asked if they would recommend their insurance company to others. They then rated their providers on various factors, including the quality of advice, customer service, price performance, transparency, and claims handling. For more detail on this inaugural list from Forbes, you can read the full post here: Forbes' 2023 List of the World's Best Insurance Companies

Securing the top spot means a lot to us. It's a testament to our commitment to making life insurance straightforward, accessible, and, dare we say it, not boring! We've worked tirelessly to build a product that stands out and meets the needs of our amazing customers. 

As our CEO, Melbourne O’Banion, recently told Dallas Innovates, he and co-founder Jonathan Abelmann “realized the typical life insurance purchasing journey doesn’t meet modern consumer expectations, with the time-consuming and traditional process,” so they founded Bestow on the idea of making it easy and fast to purchase life insurance online.

Shortly after the Forbes list was published, US News & World Report named Bestow the best life insurance company. U.S. News analyzed and compared publicly available data, including internet search data and third-party reviews, to determine their top 10 best insurance companies. 

Bestow would not receive either of these rankings without our incredible, dedicated team. They've been the driving force behind our mission to revolutionize the life insurance industry, and we are happy to see their hard work recognized!