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How to Launch Digital Life Insurance, Fast

By Matt Baxter·June 29, 2022·2 Minute Read

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At Bestow, we’re changing life insurance for good and helping carrier partners (like you) grow revenue and margins along the way. We’ve built a single-source SaaS solution that reduces the cost and complexity of your term life business, handling everything from enrollment to underwriting to administration and more.

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Today’s Focus: Changing the game with instant underwriting tech.

Instant (not simplified) underwriting personalized to your rules

Historically, there have been substantial pain points for selling instant-decision life insurance, including sacrificing competitive rates and larger face amounts to deliver a no-exam experience. One of Bestow’s greatest competitive advantages (which you as an Enterprise SaaS partner can leverage) is our underwriting platform. Our platform powers 100% digital life insurance with pricing competitive to fully underwritten policies and face amounts of $1.5 million+, depending on your business needs.

The secret to this is three-fold:

In-House Tech Development: We are first and foremost a technology company. We designed a digitally optimized term life product from scratch, leveraging third-party data and advanced analytics to build out instant-issue underwriting algorithms, and pairing it all with our end-to-end digital enrollment platform.

Customized For Your Business: For partners, we help design and file a digitally-optimized product on your paper—a product that’s tailor-made for your risk tolerance, underwriting rules and philosophy.

Empower Advisors with Minimal Lift: Carrier partners can marry a transactional fulfillment experience with the advisory expertise of their distribution. This empowers advisors to reach and serve more clients faster, and also enables partners to refocus business resources to more complex products and higher-touch clients.

We’re constantly iterating on our underwriting platform and adding FCRA compliant data sets to expand eligibility and put smart risk on the books. And, we’re thrilled to share that we recently implemented Milliman Claims and Sherlock data sources. We continue to stay apprised of new data sets and add them to our underwriting platforms, and we plan to add several more this year.

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About Bestow

Bestow is the first life insurance technology company designed to reach today’s digital life insurance buyers. We build instant, 100% digital life insurance products and buying experiences that unlock a massive consumer market. Companies of every size — from startups to public companies — leverage our software to sell life insurance and improve efficiency and profitability by managing the business online.