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How Carriers Can Leverage UX

By the Bestow Team·March 15, 2024·1 Minute Read

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Have you thought about the potential business impact of quality UX for employees? 

While many businesses prioritize UX for consumers, good internal-facing digital design is also crucial, helping drive efficiency and lower costs across an organization, particularly for carriers. 

Help agents help more people

According to LIMRA, 44.5% of insurance shoppers who start their journey online would still ultimately like to work with an agent. 

That agent needs to be able to leverage smooth digital experiences to not just move sales forward quickly, but also efficiently manage their entire in-progress pipeline.

“We built digital experiences to offer ease and flexibility—whether it be a digital application that can go from phone or tablet to text and email, or tools to understand and manage every stage of the sales process.” - Shannon Ray, UX Design at Bestow

Underwriters are users, too

It’s no secret that underwriting can be an extremely manual process. There may be notes, documents, and medical results all potentially floating in different locations. 

Centralizing everything —including data vendor integrations — in a singular digital experience, can make life easier on underwriters, auditors, and even reinsures, facilitating smarter decisions and driving down underwriting costs.

“I’m really proud of the post-issue audit user experience we’ve created, which is centered around a streamlined interface that puts everything an auditor might need right at their fingertips.” - Stephanie Nieves-Sanchez, Senior Product Manager at Bestow

Good user experience is good for business

We’ve known for years now that investing in internal UX is a no brainer, with outlets like the Wharton School’s business journal touting its value as far back as 2015. 

Fast forward to today, and many organizations are still behind the eight ball. But with carriers looking to modernize quickly and grow their market share, it just makes good business sense to invest in tools for those in your organization who are on the front lines in the battle for new business.

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