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Is Your Life Business Ready to Adopt AI?

By the Bestow Team·February 14, 2024·1 Minute Read

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AI is the hot topic right now in life insurance. At Bestow, we’ve leveraged the power of AI to help our teams work smarter not harder. So, in the spirit of helping us all be more efficient, we figured we’d save you some time by rounding up some of the best recent articles about the benefits (and challenges) of AI in life insurance, including a boots-on-the-ground account from our VP of Engineering.

How we built an internal chatbot that uses generative AI

Bestow’s VP of engineering talks about how his team leveraged AI to make life easier for employees across the organization.

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“We built a tool that uses Large Language Models (LLM) to analyze and summarize large documents. This has created tremendous efficiencies for our underwriting, engineering, and marketing teams.” - Peter Olah, VP of Engineering at Bestow

Here’s what leaders throughout the industry are saying right now:

How AI is helping carriers fight fraud

New technology could save billions of dollars across the industry.

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AI is new, but some of its challenges are not

Carriers look to navigate the space between tech innovation and risk management.

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AI could revolutionize direct-to-consumer

A DOL proposal could challenge conventional commission models, but AI presents an opportunity to rethink distribution strategies.

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Is your organization actually ready for AI?

Carriers must be introspective and honest in determining if they're properly prepared to take advantage of AI's many potential benefits.

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