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Where Is Life Insurance Modernization Headed in 2024?

By the Bestow Team·January 15, 2024·1 Minute Read

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The pace of change in the life insurance space is quickening. As we move into 2024, what modernization trends might emerge? We asked some of the leaders at Bestow to weigh in.

Partnerships over vendors

There are numerous software vendors offering lots of highly targeted solutions, but is that sustainable? Here’s what Jonathan Abelmann, Bestow’s President and Co-founder predicts:

“In 2024 I expect we'll see a continued shift away from commoditized point solutions, and toward tech development partnerships as carriers modernize and differentiate. We’ve seen the amount of gross premium carriers reinvest into tech increase 50% year-over-year, highlighting the bias to action across the market.”

Speed to market

The race to leverage new technology and data tools is on, so speed to market will be key in 2024. Bestow’s Sr. Director of Technical Program Management, Sylvia Cento, talked about how partnership approach and product development strategy can make all the difference.

“We recently developed and launched a product for one of our carrier partners. While determining scope and requirements can take weeks or months, we were actually able to begin building foundational tech elements and add flexibility into our platform during that time, which allowed us to move very fast when the project started in earnest. We’d already built out bedrock technology and had a dedicated team, which allowed us to deliver a tailored solution extremely quickly.”

There are a lot of trending topics in the life insurance space right now — risk mitigation, cost control, leveraging ai — and while this year will have plenty of uncertainty, here’s one thing you can take to the bank: tackling all these challenges at once will require more than just a single software solution. It will take collaboration with a real partner that has both tech expertise and deep insurance knowledge.

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